On to a new year, and with it – more movie ratings! I’ve also included my favorite of all time and the best from last year. Although Blade Runner 2049 was second last year, it is the only one to crack my top 10 from last year. Call Me By Your Name was phenomenal, but when I think of my top movies, I don’t just necessarily place my highest rated films. I look at other factors that I don’t typically take into account when rating movies originally, such as rewatchability, overall impact and more.

The movies listed under each star rating for this year are listed in alphabetical order. Once it gets closer to the end of the year, I will start ranking my top 10 movies.

The best of all time:

1. ET
2. Children of Men
3. The Green Mile
4. Man on Fire
5. Wall-E
6. Saving Private Ryan
7. Forrest Gump
8. District 9
9. Blade Runner 2049
10. Interstellar

The best from 2017:

1. Call Me By Your Name
2. Blade Runner 2049
3. A Ghost Story
4. Baby Driver
5. Dunkirk
6. Logan
7. Mudbound
8. The Big Sick
9. Ladybird
10. Thor: Ragnarok

2018 Movies

Movies in alphabetical order under each tier


S-Tier films are looked at as the absolute best of the best. These are movies that I would give a perfect score and in my opinion, should be shoo-in’s for the major awards after the year is through. The S means “Super” meaning it’s even better than A-Tier. It’s only for a select few movies and they are all sure to make my Top 10 at the end of the year.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor (Documentary)


A-Tier films are movies that should get serious consideration during awards season. They have a great story, great direction, great acting, and everything else that you could possibly want in a movie. They may not be pure perfection, but they are still a fine piece of cinema that deserves recognition.

Avengers: Infinity War
Black Panther
Kodachrome (Netflix)
Wrestle (Documentary)


B-Tier movies are still very enjoyable. While they may lack in a few different places, most of the movie are still great and worth the price of admission. B-Tier will typically have the most movies listed in it’s tier.

A Quiet Place
Andre the Giant (HBO Documentary)
Anon (Netflix)
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Hearts Beat Loud
The Incredibles 2
Isle of Dogs
Mission Impossible – Fallout
Ready Player One
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Sorry to Bother You
The Tale (HBO)


C-Tier movies can be looked at as films that maybe missed the boat in a few ways, but overall still get a thumbs up. Maybe the writing wasn’t great, or it was just a cash grab kind of movie – yet the film was still enjoyable and you don’t regret spending the money or time to watch it. If it comes on TV down the road – you may stay tuned, you may move on – but while the overall movie may be average, there is still something about it you really like.

The Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix)
Fahrenheit 451 (HBO)
Hotel Artemis
I Kill Giants
If I Leave Here Tomorrow (Documentary)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Like Father (Netflix)
Oceans 8


D-Tier movies are not very favorable. While you don’t want to throw tomatoes at the screen, you’re not really looking forward to the next time you get to watch this film. It’s not that you would give it a thumbs down, it’s just that you wouldn’t be very enthusiastic to give it a thumbs up. Earning a D in school is still a passing grade, but only barely.

6 Balloons (Netflix)
A Wrinkle In Time
Amateur (Netflix)
Extinction (Netflix)
Mute (Netflix)
The Outsider (Netflix)
Paterno (HBO)
Support The Girls


F-Tier movies have to be absolutely terrible. Rarely will movies find their way here because typically movies wouldn’t be sent to the big screen if they were truly this bad. If a film finds it’s way here, avoid it at all costs.


Updated: March 29, 2018