2015 – The year of….?

The new year got off to a depressing start with Alabama losing their first ever playoff game to Ohio State. As much as I write about sports here, and have talked about sports on the radio, and didn’t even pick Alabama to win the championship (although I did pick them to win last night), it was still a painful loss for a lifelong Alabama fan and alum. So, not a good start to the year. It wasn’t easy to roll out of bed after staying up past midnight for that, then this morning it was rainy and dreary outside and I had to get up and go to work. It was the kind of day you want to stay in and sleep for another 24 hours or so.

But alas, here we are – January 2, 2015. I made a small resolution to myself that I would write once a day, but yesterday was football all day with my family and I was too tired to do anything but roll into bed and pretend the Bama game didn’t happen.

So I didn’t get off to a good start on my resolution, but here I am now. I’ll write twice at some point in the year to make up for it, how about that?

2014 was a strange year, full of up’s and down’s and all sorts of things. I started off the year without a full-time job after I decided to leave the radio group I was with in 2013, but I was still doing what I loved on the weekends calling high school sporting events with the NFHS Network, even if it was freelance. But by the end of the year, I had gone through multiple full-time jobs. And it wasn’t because I had to keep finding jobs, it’s because they found me, and I got the opportunity to keep climbing the ladder and moving into positions to help me achieve what I want to achieve.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I had, working in news radio, then newspaper, and now back in the building where I started down this “media” career path about seven years ago. I was able to experience different sides of media that I wasn’t sure if I’d like or not, and eventually move on to a company where I knew many great people and knew I enjoyed working with them all.

So here we are, at 2015. I’m not even a month into my latest position, and I’m coming off a rough first day of football, the thing I love most. As I was watching the seconds tick off last night, bringing Alabama’s season to a close, I realized that one thing probably hurt as much as Alabama losing did – the fact that I couldn’t talk about it afterwards.

Not that I couldn’t complain to my parents (whom I was watching the game with) about different things, or go on Twitter and Facebook and discuss things with my small amount of followers, or even go on Reddit and start some internet troll fight against an Ohio State fan. All of that is fine and well. What I mean is – after Alabama’s last two championships, I was able to get with Tim Melton, Max Howell, Aaron Daniel, and more and plan out broadcasts, talk about it with everyone over the airwaves, write game analysis, produce cool graphics and videos and such to create a well-rounded product that people would want to read/watch/listen to.

All of those things made up the productions that I had a hand in, especially the Meltdown. I’ve missed the Meltdown since it ended, but I didn’t really know how bad I missed it until after last night. The first college playoff was over, and all I could do was go home, make a few goofy tweets, and go to bed.

Who knows what 2015 will hold, we’re only a couple of days in and there is a lot that can happen. I have a lot of ideas, and hopefully I can continue to work on them, especially as we hit the football offseason. I’ve promised myself to keep writing, and turn that into something more than just the average blog post. I’ve promised myself a lot of things, so for now, it’s time to to forget last night ever happened, and keep working towards the ultimate goal.