2015 College Football Rankings & Predictions – Week 7

Can you believe it’s week seven already? It seems like yesterday we were getting ready for the first week that would kickoff one of the most confusing college football seasons in a while.

Seriously – who the heck is the #1 team in the country, because I’m not sure anyone wants to be it.

Baylor is probably the only team right now I’d give the nod to being a favorite to make it to the playoff. The rest is completely up for grabs.

Here is my top ten. I will note that I dropped Florida out because of their QB situation now. Also, TCU and Michigan State are just on the outside.

1. Baylor

Baylor is the only team I can think of that deserves to be a front runner right now. No, they haven’t played anyone, and their only good win is against Texas Tech, but that offense…damn. I don’t know that anyone can hold them to under 50 points this year. They stay up top until they lose or score less than like…30. Then we’ll re-evaluate them.

2. Utah

I had to drop Utah because they just didn’t look that impressive against Cal. But they are still the Pac 12’s best hope to make the playoff probably.

3. LSU

No matter what happens with A&M/Bama this weekend, LSU still has a long road to go to make it to Atlanta. That road includes stops in Tuscaloosa and in Baton Rouge to finish the season against A&M. We could have a de facto SEC West title game between A&M and LSU the same day as the Iron Bowl. Who would have thought THAT game could be for the SEC West title?

4. Texas A&M

Texas A&M has a good chance to impress everyone and jump into the playoff picture for good. If they get past Alabama this weekend, they can definitely run the table. We’ll see what happens.

5. Alabama

This weekend will either push Alabama or A&M out of the top ten for a while. If Bama loses, it’s game over. If A&M loses, then they only have an Alabama loss on their record, which doesn’t mean much other than they lose a tiebreaker for the SEC title game.

6. Clemson

Clemson hasn’t been super impressive, but they will end up undefeated and be just like Florida State last year – you have to include them because of that, even though they aren’t a top 4 team.

7. Michigan

Harbaugh’s boys sure have looked good lately. When they lost to Utah, we all wrote them off, but who would have thought Utah would be where they are now? Michigan could definitely make it to the playoff, but they have work to do and it starts this weekend against Sparty.

8. Ohio State

Ohio State continues to be unimpressively undefeated. Their biggest win to this point is…Indiana? Virginia Tech? They will lose at some point this season, whether it’s to Michigan, Michigan State, or possibly even Penn State this weekend.

9. Iowa

Iowa? Seriously? Don’t look now but Iowa hasn’t looked that bad. They can’t win the Big 10 I don’t think but they avoid Ohio State, Michigan State and Michigan until the Big 10 title game. They already got past Wisconsin, so watch out.

10. Oklahoma State

The jury is still out on the Cowboys, but they are 6-0 with wins over Texas, Kansas State and West Virginia. Wow, did I really just use Texas as a quality opponent? What is wrong with me? They get an high school team (Kansas) and then Texas Tech before facing TCU to show what they really got.

Now for the picks this week.

Week Seven SEC Games

Alabama (-4.5) Texas A&M

Auburn (-2.5) Kentucky (Thursday)

LSU (-8.5) Florida

Ole Miss (-10.5) Memphis

Mississippi State (-13.5) Louisiana Tech

South Carolina (-3) Vanderbilt

Georgia (-16) Missouri

Week Seven National Games

Stanford (-6.5) UCLA

Iowa (-2.5) Northwestern

Michigan (-8) Michigan State

Ohio State (-17) Penn State