2015 College Football Rankings & Predictions – Week 6

As if it wasn’t hard enough to pick the best ten teams last week, this past Saturday’s games made it that much harder. I don’t know if there is a legitimate front runner that people can actually point to and say “That’s the team that will win the title.”

But here is how I think things shake out now.

1. Utah

Hard to beat their resume so far with big wins over Michigan and Oregon, and if they get a major 20+ point win over Cal, they definitely belong here. This is the one team that if they go undefeated, should be #1, outside of maybe LSU or Texas A&M.

2. LSU

I’ve always said that a team doesn’t deserve to be ranked as high if they aren’t solid in all aspects. LSU may be the exception to that rule after the season Leonard Fournette has had. It’s just…unbelievable how well he’s running the ball.

3. Texas A&M

A&M looked pretty good against Mississippi State as they moved to 5-0 and with Arizona State beating UCLA, that win looks even better. Just like LSU, they have a gauntlet to go through including each other and Alabama among other SEC games.

4. Baylor

I think Baylor is the best team in the Big 12, and just because TCU crushed Texas doesn’t mean they should be ranked any higher. That’s like playing the backups from a 2-6 middle school team. Baylor crushed Texas Tech, who came within a couple of points of beating TCU.

5. Clemson

Clemson got past their hard test versus Notre Dame and now should win the rest, including against Florida State. This is the ACC’s shot at playing in the playoff, and I think they have a good chance.

6. Alabama

The loss to Ole Miss will continue to haunt Alabama, but you have to take into account how bad of a night it was for them turning the ball over, something they haven’t had a ton of problems with outside of that game. They absolutely crushed Georgia and looked like a complete team for the first time – even though they were on the road against a top 10 team and playing in a monsoon. Jake Coker looked good, Derrick Henry had a career day, and the defense (minus one play in garbage time) was impenetrable. They still have a great shot at making the playoff and winning the SEC.

7. Florida

SEC bias? Probably, but Florida did beat the Ole Miss team that got the win in Tuscaloosa, and they crushed them the same way Bama crushed Georgia. The Florida/Georgia game will be intriguing this season, but first they have to get past Missouri and LSU on the road. Not sure if they can do that, but if they do – they are no doubt playing in Atlanta.

8. Ohio State

The Buckeyes still don’t look like anything special and the comparisons to Florida State of last year are 100% accurate so far. Regardless, they find ways to win, and will stay just inside the top ten for now.

9. Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s defense has given up too many points, and they should have lost to Tennessee. However, they are 4-0 over two ranked teams (at the time), so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. They will crush Texas this weekend and then outside of Texas Tech on the 24th, they have it easy until they get Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma State to end the season.

10. TCU

It was between TCU and Michigan State for the tenth best team in the country for me, but I went with TCU just because they look more dominant and I think in a game between the two, they would win. Michigan State only has Oregon going for them, and that isn’t worth much anymore.

Now for this week’s picks. So far, I’d been doing alright:

Week 1: 16-3
Week 2: 11-3
Week 3: 10-3
Week 4: 11-3
Week 5: 10-4

Total: 58-16

Week Six SEC Games

Alabama (-16.5) Arkansas

LSU (-13.5) South Carolina

Georgia (-2.5) Tennessee

Florida (-5.5) Missouri

Mississippi State (-30.5) Troy

Ole Miss (-43) New Mexico State

Week Six National Games

Notre Dame (-14.5) Navy

Michigan (-8) Northwestern

Florida State (-9.5) Miami

Utah (-7) California

TCU (-9) Kansas State