2015 College Football Rankings & Predictions – Week 4

Well, I called it. Alabama and Auburn both losing on the same day, and Alabama losing yet another game to Ole Miss. I’m not necessarily proud of myself…but I called it.

On to week four where teams can look for redemption, or perhaps just beat up some poor, unsuspecting non-Power 5 school in a fit of rage. Sorry Louisiana-Monroe.

First, the top ten. Ole Miss has jumped up to #1, and rightfully so.

Top Ten

1. Ole Miss

Easily the best win, and as of now, they look like the best team. You could question the fact that they still only won by 6 going +5 in turnovers, but we’ll wait and see how they do against good teams that DON’T do that, and see how it goes.

2. Michigan State

Not grading specifically on wins necessarily, but the solid win for Sparty against Oregon is why they are here. They just look impressive.

3. Ohio State

Ohio State pulled an Auburn against Northern Illinois. Granted, they are one of the best in the group of five, but it still should have been a blowout for OSU, not a nail biter down to the last second.

4. Notre Dame

I have to give them credit for beating Georgia Tech. I thought they would have lost 1 or 2 by now, but even with a backup QB, they are looking good.

5. LSU

*in my best Verne Lundquist voice*

Leonard Fournette. OH MY.

6. Baylor

Innocent until proven guilty. Or in this case, they look plenty good against bad teams.

7. Georgia

Georgia has had it kind of easy, and passed one very small hurdle in South Carolina. They have it real easy again this weekend with Southern, but then they get Alabama, Tennessee and all kinds of real games. So we’ll see how impressive they look then.


I wasn’t sure if they would pass the BYU test, but they did…barely. Until further notice, UCLA remains the team to beat in the Pac 12.

9. Texas A&M

A&M has looked plenty good and have a solid win over Arizona State. They have Arkansas next, which should be easy enough, but then it gets real with Mississippi State, Alabama, and Ole Miss all in a row.

10. Alabama

People will keep writing columns that Alabama is dead, but come on…Ole Miss has returned almost everyone and is expected to dominant teams. They should finish the season undefeated, but we’ll see if that happens. I knew Alabama would lose last week, and I called it. Does that mean they aren’t a top 10 team? Of course not. -5 in turnovers and still had a chance to win and only lost by 6. Alabama ain’t going anywhere.

Now the picks. Major surprise to me is that Auburn is favored. I know they are at home, but that’s not even enough to make me want to pick them. Sorry Tigers.

Week Four SEC Games

Alabama (-37) Louisiana Monroe

Auburn (-2) Mississippi State

Florida (-1) Tennessee

Texas A&M (-7) Arkansas

Ole Miss (-25) Vanderbilt

Kentucky (-2.5) Missouri

LSU (-24.5) Syracuse

Georgia (N/A) Southern

South Carolina (-15) UCF

Week Four National Games

Michigan (-5.5) BYU

TCU (-7.5) Texas Tech

UCLA (-4) Arizona

Oregon (-14) Utah

USC (-5.5) Arizona State