2015 College Football Rankings & Predictions – Week 2

Not a bad first week of the college football season last week as we saw most of the top ranked teams win easy enough. There were some decent upsets including some Group of 5 over Power 5 such as Western Kentucky over Vanderbilt (which was easy to see coming) and even some FCS over Power 5 like Portland State over Washington State (poor Mike Leach).

Week two has some good games featuring SEC teams like LSU vs. Mississippi State, and Tennessee vs. Oklahoma. Most of the schools are playing cupcakes this week, but nationally, there are some solid games as well, including one of the few we have been looking forward to since last year in Michigan State vs. Oregon.

First, this week, I’ve decided to start putting my personal top 10 rankings out there. I feel like 25 has always been a weird number and once you reach around 15 or so, it’s a crap shoot of the next best 10-15 teams for who actually breaks in. So I’m stopping at 10.

I also believe that pre-season rankings are garbage. I’ve always thought we should wait until week 3 or 4 before rankings are released, but at least wait until the first week has been played. There are ALWAYS busts in the rankings. This year it was Stanford (and Arizona State a little bit). Now I can rank teams depending on what I saw on the field. It’s not about how they finished last year, it’s not about keeping teams in line with where they were last week – where do I think they belong in the rankings as of right this second.

However, I did do my own preseason rankings because I can do whatever I want on here. I would like to note how I did not have Stanford ranked pre-season. Arizona State losing to Texas A&M doesn’t diminish them that much.

A few notes before the rankings:

– TCU did not look that impressive. I’m not saying they won’t make the playoff or anything (because I said before the season they would), but for right now, I have to drop them. They need to prove a little something more to me, especially with Alabama playing so much better against a better Big 10 team. Teams like TCU, Auburn, and Oregon that either gave up way too many points or played their games too close when they should have been big wins have been dropped a bit.

– Ohio State is almost on a different plane of existence right now. Even I want to separate them from Alabama more than one spot, despite the fact that Alabama is clearly #2 right now.

– Texas A&M could be something special if they keep it up, so after last week’s performance, they belong in the top 10, despite not being ranked last week at all.

– I’ve left LSU out of possibly being in there since they didn’t play.

College Football Rankings – Week 2

1. Ohio State
2. Alabama
3. Michigan State
4. USC
5. Georgia
6. Texas A&M
7. Baylor
8. Notre Dame
9. Auburn
10. TCU

Last week in predictions I went 15-4. I have to say, I severely underestimated the impact John Chavis would have on Texas A&M on week one. I knew he would get that defense going eventually, but not this soon. Kudos to him, he is definitely one of the greatest defensive minds in college. I also overestimated what Jim Harbaugh would be able to do from the start at Michigan. We’ll see how that one plays out over the season.

Also a note – I just ditched the LSU game since they didn’t play.

Week 1: 15-4

Total: 15-4

Week 2 SEC Games

Alabama (-35.5) Middle Tennessee State

Auburn (N/A) Jacksonville State

LSU (-4) Mississippi State

Georgia (-21) Vanderbilt

South Carolina (-7.5) Kentucky

Ole Miss (-29) Fresno State

Arkansas (-22) Toledo

Oklahoma (-1) Tennessee

Texas A&M (-30) Ball State

Missouri (-11.5) Arkansas State

Florida (-20) East Carolina

Week 2 National Games

Notre Dame (-11) Virginia

Michigan State (-3.5) Oregon

Boise State (-2.5) BYU